Our history

In 1993 the factory moved to Poland

Production of materials for electrical transmission lines started in 1919 in Nossebro in southern Sweden in the company named Necks Verkstäder AB. The outlet was then the market for materials for the distribution and transmission of electricity in Sweden.

The components for the first 400 kV line in the world, made in 1952, came from this factory. Later, the export of materials to Asia, the Middle East and Africa also began.

In 1993, the factory was moved to Toruń, Poland.

Currently, Necks Industrial Metal Products Sp. z o.o. is a production company in the Necks Electric Holding AB group, selling in the Scandinavian countries through commercial companies belonging to the group. It is part of the Addtech AB group, providing products related to storage, transmission and distribution of electricity, as well as products related to safety, installations and electrical connections. 

We have an extensive machine park allowing for the processing of steel sections and closed profiles, gas cutting of sheets of various thickness, bending of rods and pipes, as well as hot forming. We weld steel elements according to ISO 3834-2 standard.