Our offer

Necks IMP specializes in manufacturing material for electrical overhead power lines from 0.4 to 500 kV, including HVDC systems, as well as components for the railway electric networks. Products range includes poles, masts, crossarms, steel structures for switchyards, stay material and components for insulator strings. 

Our factory metal treatment processes

  • cutting, punching or drilling holes, marking profiles on CNC lines,
  • gas cutting on CNC lines,
  • cutting and bending of steel bars and tubes,
  • forging of steel elements with inductive pre-heating,
  • metal flattening,
  • welding according to DIN ISO 3834-2,
  • threading of steel rods,
  • shot blasting,
  • hot dip galvanizing in low and high temperature (up to 215 micrometers) according to EN ISO 1461,
  • test assembly of steel constructions and electric power towers,
  • assembly of specialistic wires (eg. stay wires) according to customer needs,
  • assembly and packing according to customer needs,
  • shipment according to customer needs.

Steel constructions – machinery park

  • CNC presses for cutting steel anglebars (40-200 mm), punching holes and marking,
  • CNC machine for cutting steel profiles of various shape (40-320 mm), drilling holes and marking,
  • CNC Eckert gas cutting lines for steel sheets (6-100 mm),
  • presses for forging shapes (with inductive pre-heating),
  • machines for bending steel angle bars, pipes and rods,
  • thread cutter (up to 32 mm) and threading machine (up to 36 mm),
  • circular, tape and frame saws for cutting steel profiles,
  • universal and guillotine shears,
  • MIG welding stations.

Galvanizing plant

  • shot blasting,
  • baths for degreasing, etching and cleansing,
  • hot dip galvanizing of steel elements in low temperature,
  • hot dip galvanizing of small or threaded steel elements in high temperature with centrifuge.

Assembly department

Assembly and completation of specialistic accesories for electrical power overhead lines, steel constructions, test assembly of lattice steel towers.