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The activity to produce material for electrical overhead lines started 1919 in Nossebro in south of Sweden in the name of Necks Verkstader AB. The market was then mainly distribution and transmission material for Sweden.

Components for the worlds first 400 kV line, commissioned in 1952, came from this factory. Later also export of material was made to Asia, Middle East and Africa.

In 1993 the factory was moved to Torun in Poland to increase its competitiveness. The present name is Necks Industrial Metal Products Sp. z o.o. and form a production unit in the group Necks Electric Holding AB with sales in the Nordic countries through the sales companies in the group.

The Necks Electric group is part of Addtechs business Area Addtech Energy.
Addtech Energy markets and sells battery solutions, products for electricity transmission and distribution as well as products for electrical safety, electrical installation and connection. Addtech AB is quoted on Stockholm Stock Exchange.
Customers are mainly in the energy and telecom sectors and commercial vehicle industry.